I am Run Of The Mill Shop and why am I here.

The thing is like this. From a young age, I was very passionate about classic movies, rock bands. I once bought a Star Wars t-shirt, because I’m a real fan. I’ve confidently worn it everywhere and you know what? Many questions surrounded me. Something like: where did you buy this shirt? Actually a lot of people don’t know where to buy t-shirts with pictures of their favorite things.

Star Wars Shirt

I thought a lot and came up with an idea, why don’t I sell these shirts. Of course I can’t produce them. I sold through the store I bought from for a discount. And I tried selling on Ebay, then this website, it was very rudimentary and simple at first and I grew from there.

When you watch your favorite movies, you want to wear a shirt with those movies on them. Or you go to the concert of rock groups, you want to wear t-shirts with pictures of those bands. Me too, so I’ve tried to develop this website with the goal of helping everyone find a shirt with a print you like.

I feel so lucky and happy with Run Of The Mill Shop. Where I deliver things that people love, just like I do. ROTMS is my destiny.